Vered Amir Profile Shot


Passion, drive and an unconditional love for beauty makes Vered Amir one of the most sought after Makeup Artists in the industry. Her keen attention to detail translates to almost everything she does. “People will notice something or someone that is beautiful. They will appreciate it and walk on….I can’t. I have to take a second look to study and discover what it is that makes it so unique or captivating. That inspiration I can then use with my own work.”

Vered says the key to her success is that she is truly committed to understanding their needs prior to application to ensure 100% satisfaction with each job.

Doing makeup isn’t just a job or a career for Vered, it’s feeding a desire she’s had since she was young to contribute to and enhance the beauty and fashion industry. “Makeup wasn’t my first career. After 20 years in finance, I knew that I had to leave my career and pursue what truly inspires me. Especially if I am going to teach my children to do the same in their lives.” Since then she has never looked back.

Vered has done makeup, hair, and wardrobe maintenance for Television, Commercial, Print, Photoshoots, Celebrity Clients, Special Events and Weddings.

“The best part of my job is seeing the look on the clients face when I turn them to the mirror and they see themselves for the first time. Makes it all worth while.”

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